How to Handle Emergency Plumbing Problems  

Plumbing emergencies do happen. When they do, what are you supposed to do? Sure, you’ll call in the local plumbers and ask them to come over immediately. But what will you do in the meantime?  Will you wait for the basement or bathroom to get flooded and hope it won’t affect other parts of your home?  

 Plumbing Problems

It’s necessary for every homeowner to know the plumbing basics so they know exactly what to do in case of plumbing emergencies. There are simple repairs that you can do so much to keep the problem from getting worse. But you also have to it right. Otherwise, the same thing will happen.  

How to Handle Leaky Faucets 

Leaks in your kitchen or bathroom plumbing are not really an emergency repair case but just the same, it needs your special attention. The good news is, you may be able to repair this yourself and you don’t have to call the plumbers. That will definitely save you a lot of money.  

To start with the repairs, know what type of faucet you have installed. Most of them have cartridge or ball faucet is composed to dispense cold and hot water. To repair the ball faucet or cartridge that’s leaking, turn off the water supply and use an Allen wrench to repair the handle. 

How to Handle Clogged Kitchen Drains 

A kitchen drain is designed in such a way it removes soiled water from the dishwasher and sink, and direct food scraps to the garbage disposal. However, any large food particle can block the pipe. If you ignore this issue for some time, then you’ll definitely have bigger problems in the end.  

To handle this, simply remove the strainer and use a kitchen plunger over the drain. Add water to the sink, filling it all the way to cover the plunger. Use the plunger for suctioning in the sink. This should address the obstruction. You’ll know that it’s lifted if the water starts to drain quickly. If this method fails to work, use the plumber’s snake for kitchen sinks instead. If the problem is still not resolved, it’s time to call in the plumbers.  

How to Handle Backed-Up Toilets 

No one wants to work on a backed-up toilet so this problem needs no repair. You just have to summon the plumbers. Even so, you know to know what you must and must not do when problems like these arise. For starters, never please the flush button or lever as that could only make the situation worse.   

If you feel like to do something, you can start by removing the contents the bowl then use a toilet plunger to drain the water out. If that doesn’t work you may use a plumbing auger instead. It pays if you have these tools at home. If you don’t then let the experts do the job.  

To make sure that emergency plumbing situations are handled competently, you should call the best plumber Bellevue has available. They should get the problem rectified fast so you don’t need to worry and go on with your usual comfortable living. 

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